We Know the Benefits Your Workers Will Want in 2019…

Do You?

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about pumpkin spice latte time. I’m talking about choosing your employee benefits for 2019. It may seem a long way off, but important decisions need to be made, and quickly. The American workforce is constantly changing and what was once important (like a high salary) is falling by the wayside for more unique benefits like student loan repayment and travel benefit packages. To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled 19 of the most popular benefits that employees will be asking for in 2019.
1. Student Loan Repayment
Collectively, Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans, yet only 4% of companies offer student loan repayment assistance.1 Financial wellness is a necessity for workers today who may be forgoing raises and bonuses for other perks. Even a small employer contribution of $100 per month can relieve financial burden and get people out of debt years earlier.
2. Support for Higher Education
Similar to student loan repayment, many companies have begun offering tuition assistance to employees currently enrolled or who wish to enroll in higher education programs. Earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can greatly increase an employee’s creativity, problem-solving, and, of course, knowledge.
3. Fraud Protection
In this digital world, our information is constantly under attack and we need to keep it protected. Identity theft costs both time and money which can stress and distract workers from their jobs. Company-paid identity theft insurance can take a major weight off employees’ minds if their information is hacked.
4. Donation Matching
Every employee wants to feel like they are making a difference in the world. Donation matching has been an available benefit for a long time but only 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer it.2 You can help your employees make a difference around the world, not just within your company. Alternatively, you can offer paid time off for employees to complete volunteer work.
5. Taab
A good vacation policy is so 2018. Look to the future with programs like Travel as a Benefit, which allows workers to save and plan for their vacations to ensure maximum ROI. A poorly planned vacation can add stress to what was supposed to be a relaxing time away from work. Knowing that they have the money for vacation can relieve this stress and make vacations better, which will benefit your company when they return.
6. Virtual Healthcare
Telemedicine is the doctor visit of the future, regardless of whether you offer it to your employees. But why wouldn’t you? A virtual doctor’s visit means less out-of-office time for employees. The ease of using telemedicine means workers are more likely to contact a doctor at the first sign of illness which gets them treatment faster and back to work sooner.
7. Parental Benefits
With a growing emphasis on family, it’s no surprise that workers want more parental benefits. These could include longer leave time for a new baby or adoption and fertility assistance. Some companies even support parents with older children through scholarships and tuition assistance.
8. Money Management
Money isn’t everything, but it’s still nice to have it. Keeping the money you work so hard to earn requires good money management skills–something you don’t learn in school. Employers who help their workers achieve financial wellness will end up with employees who are less stressed and more productive. Twenty-five percent of workers want access to financial counselors to help them manage money and make financial decisions.3
9. Leadership Training
Employees want to move up the corporate ladder and that means you need to invest in employee training. Not just the stuff that helps them do their job better, but things that develop them as leaders, presenters, speakers, and creatives. Workers want opportunities for growth and advancement, which leadership training can bring.
10. Pet Insurance
Pet-friendly workplaces have been popular for years, but employees want more. Healthcare costs aren’t just rising for humans. Our furry, scaley, and feathery companions are costing more and more each year for regular checkups, not to mention emergency trips to the vet which can result in bills of thousands of dollars. A simple pet insurance policy as a worker benefit will help your pet-parent employees know you care about their entire family.
11. Gym Memberships
Employee wellness is critical to a strong workforce. By offering included or discounted gym memberships for employees, you can help keep them healthier and happier. After all, exercise releases endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Happy employees don’t leave their companies.
12. No Dress Code
Done are the days of ties and pencil skirts. Employees want to work in an environment with fewer arbitrary rules, like a dress code. Employees who interact with customers and clients are one thing, but do your office workers really need a button up shirt on? Employees who are comfortable will focus better and be more productive.
13. Healthy Lunches
As an additional part of employee wellness, workers want healthier options for lunches and snacks. If your office caters or has a cafeteria, skip the pizza and grab salads and soup instead. Vending machines with sodas, chips, and candy should be replaced with fruits, sandwiches, and other healthy options.
14. Flexible Hours
The 9–5 workday is a thing of the past. Everyone has a different time of day when they are at their peak productivity. For some, it may be early in the morning that they are most alert. Others may wake up more slowly and work better in the afternoons. By letting workers set their own hours, you can increase productivity and promote a better work/life balance.
15. Death Benefits
No one likes to think about death, but companies are beginning to help employees plan for the future with generous death benefit packages. For example, Google offers 50% of a deceased employee’s salary to the surviving spouse every year for a decade.4
16. Company Commuting
Roads are congested, gas is expensive, and employees are stressed by their drive before they even reach work. Employee shuttles and arranged carpools are becoming more and more popular. Not only does it save money, but it also helps reduce your employees’ carbon footprint.
17. Employee Discounts
It may seem obvious to offer workers discounts on the products you make or the services you provide, but not every company offers employee discounts. Think outside the box and add value to this benefit by teaming with other companies to offer employee perks elsewhere.
18. Unlimited Vacation
A quarter of the US population gets no vacation days at all. Of those who do receive vacation, over 70% don’t take all of the time allotted to them. Instead of complicated vacation policies that leave workers wondering how to use their vacation days, opt for an unlimited PTO policy.
19. TeleWorking
Offering the option to work from home is a huge perk for many employees. As long as they get the work done, they can watch the kids, make it to an event, or even put in some hours when they are feeling under the weather. Teleworking is made easier with advances in technology.