Offer These 5 Things to Attract the Best Workers to Your Company…

(Hint-Higher Salary Isn't One Of Them!)
The American workforce is booming and unemployment rates are at all-time lows. While this means great things for our economy, it also means increased competition to attract and keep top talent at your organization. With a multitude of benefits, bonuses, and incentives to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to offer. Here are the top five ways to attract top talent to your business.
1. Remote Work
Most people don’t live to work. Instead, they work to afford a lifestyle they want to live. Problems arise when the work/life balance offered by your company culture doesn’t allow for a proper balance. One key ingredient that can tip the work/life balance scales is teleworking or remote working. Between 80% and 90% of US workers say they would like to work remotely at least some of the time, two to three days a week, ideally.1 Technology can allow people to connect to their offices and coworkers as if they were in the building. However, only 40% of companies offer this type of benefit and even fewer offer it to workers at all levels. Allowing workers the opportunity to work from home can greatly increase your pull when attracting new talent.
2. Flexible Scheduling
While some industries require specific opening and closing hours for the convenience of clients, many workers are looking for more flexibility than that. Some workers aren’t morning people and would much rather walk in at 9 or 10 AM and stay later to reap the benefits of sleeping in and missing morning rush hour traffic. Conversely, employees with busy after-work schedules may prefer to get started at 6 AM so they can leave early to catch a concert or their kid’s little league game. Offering and encouraging flexible scheduling within your company could be the edge you need to attract and keep the best talent.
3. Wellness Packages
Wellness comes in many forms. Health insurance is still the number one requested employee benefit, but there’s a lot more that goes into supporting healthy employees than a good HSA. Wellness benefits are anything that is aimed at creating a physically and mentally healthy workforce. This could be as simple as investing in sit/stand desks or free flu shots. Or it could be as opulent as offering in-office massages. Gym memberships, catered healthy lunches, mindfulness retreats, daycare, parental leave… there are countless ways to promote wellness in your employees. When potential new hires see how you put employee health and happiness first, they will be drawn to your company.
4. Employee Training
Employee training goes well beyond on-the-job skills needed to complete their work. Lack of continuing education and developmental opportunities is still one of the primary reasons employees leave companies. Additionally, 87% of millennials say professional development is important to their career.2 If you aren’t investing in your employees, they will have little reason to invest in you in return. Workers want to be appreciated and potential hires need to be assured that the position they are hired into won’t be the highest position they can reach with your company. Investing in continuing education is the perfect way to show new talent they will develop and grow at your organization, not just work there.
5. Travel as a Benefit
An average vacation policy isn’t enough in today’s competitive corporate environment to attract and keep the best talent. Paid travel is quickly becoming one of the top benefits requested by workers. Employees need additional programs, like Taab, to truly reap the rewards of your PTO policy. When employees invest and plan their travel, the benefits increase substantially. If time off is supposed to get you away from the stresses of work but immerses you in the stresses of travel instead, your vacation will not increase productivity or recharge you. Benefit programs like the Taab card help workers save for and plan their vacations so you can see a maximum ROI on your PTO investment.

Each of these is an investment in the health and happiness of your employees, which can dramatically impact your workplace culture. When you have happy workers, potential new hires will see an office of smiling faces and be inspired to join your company. Plus, excellent benefits like these increase employee retention, making it less necessary to attract top talent in the first place.